A community for those who love the natural world and want to live & travel sustainably.

What it takes to be ConservationWise

Hi! We’re Jess and Alex, and welcome to ConservationWise!

We are going to bring you along on our journey and share tips on how to live and travel more sustainably – we want to minimise our impacts whilst maximising our experiences at home and on the road. This community is for like-minded people, whether you’re a weekend traveller, budget backpacker or flashpacker, if you want to indulge your wanderlust and explore the natural world in a responsible way AND  want to make conscious choices in your daily life to help minimise your impacts… then you’re in the right place!

Through our website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds we will show you that being ConservationWise is easy and doesn’t mean that you can’t fly around the world or that you need to live off-grid in the middle of nowhere to minimise your impacts!

We’re going to bring you along with us and share our ConservationWise travel tips as we explore new destinations – we’ll show you how we get there, the best ConservationWise places to eat and sleep and highlight to you how easy it is for you to bring the splendour of the natural world into your life. We’ll also show you the vital conservation efforts being made by projects at locations we visit and show you how they are working to preserve the natural world for all of us to enjoy.

THEN, when we’re not on the road we’ll keep you updated with what choices we make to help live a ConservationWise lifestyle when we’re at home.

Welcome to the community, it’s great to have you with us! You can get in touch with us here, or read a bit more about our individual journeys… here.







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Are you a biology or conservation student looking for field experience? Come and have a look at our partner projects in need of your energy, expertise and enthusiasm.

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Make your daily life more environmentally friendly without any dramatic life changing commitments or expensive purchases.

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Travel and see wildlife responsibly! Get our top travel tips to help you minimise your impact and maximise your experience wherever you go.

Jess and Alex visit Sri Lanka – September 2017

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Don’t Just Listen To Us…

I’m headed to Cikananga Wildlife Rescue in Java for three-months. The Javan gibbon is a species that I’ve been interested in for a while so it’s really exciting that I will have an opportunity to work on the gibbon program. Thanks for all your help, I probably wouldn’t have done a placement without you helping me out, thanks so much.

Toby Pilkington

Over the past few months ConservationWise has provided me the best opportunity I’ve had to develop my abilities as a conservationist so far, I can’t stress enough how helpful Jess has been in finding me and Charlie the perfect placement! Thanks to her, from November 2017 we’re off to Borneo where we will be staying at Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp to carry out our research projects.

Richard Giedrojc

I cannot stress how helpful ConservationWise have been, none of this would have been possible without their help and guidance. For example, Alex and Jess provided an excellent packing list, designed my research project and supported my trip preparations from the start – making our lives even easier! Thanks to them I am going on a truly life changing adventure which I cannot wait to begin.

Charlie Hart

Growing Up ConservationWise

As well as offering simple advice and encouraging you to live ConservationWise, we have bigger plans for this community! We dream about growing a Foundation to help individual aspiring conservationists and small-scale initiatives achieve their best chance of success. In summary, we want to...

  • Help provide financial support for students who would otherwise struggle to have a field placement experience
  • Work with valued in-situ research projects to make sure that the highest level of communication and efficiency is always available
  • Offer basic business and marketing contacts to conservation field programmes around the world to help them become financially independent
  • To promote the importance of open-access work and make this possible for our associate researchers in the field

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